An Unexpected Detour

By Judy Berman

A hectic week at work and a mound of chores at home made a quiet retreat sound real appealing.

I was taking a leisurely drive thru the village on the way to my favorite nature center when I spotted an elderly woman walking along the side of the road. She’d stop, turn and look at each of the cars – either concerned she’d be hit or looking for a ride.

The latter, I thought, as I drove past. A few blocks later, I decided, “what the heck, check it out” and turned around. I made a U-turn in a side street, stopped and asked if she’d like a ride. She said yes.

“It’s just a ways up, about a mile from here,” she said, referring to the corner of the street she lived on.

She told me she was 81 and gave up driving years ago.

On one of her feet, I noticed an open cut near the top of her blue moccasin. Maybe the blister was from an ill-fitting shoe.

As she got out of my car, the woman thanked me just before she headed toward her home.

I had more to be grateful for. That short ride just reminded me of that.

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Photo credit: morguefile