Awards and Acknowledgments

A blog award is a gift, a token of appreciation that is given from the heart.
I am grateful to you, my readers, for nominating me. I do value each and every
award from you even if I haven’t always played by the rules, and have been
lax in acknowledging them.

This page is dedicated to those who have given me these gifts.

With much love and gratitude, Judy Berman of earthrider


Nominated 2X: by Michael J. Monaghan – Jan. 2012; and by Mark Bialczak – Nov. 2013

Nominated 2X: by Ronnie Hammer of Morristownmemos – Oct. 2012, and by Marian Beaman of Plain and Fancy Girl – Dec. 2014

Nominated 2X: by Tina of Daysift – Dec. 2012, and by Aurum Eve – Dec. 2013

Best Moment Award

Nominated by Marilyn Warner of Things I Want to Tell My Mother – May 2013

sunshine award - pinterest

Nominated by Jane H. Johann of Johannisthinking – April 2013

Presented by Mal on Nov. 16, 2013

Nominated by Mal (Maloquacious) – November 2013

sisterhood award

Nominated by – November 2013

very inspiring blogger award

Nominated by Lilly of – December 2013

Dragon's Loyalty Award - Mark Bialczak

Nominated by Mark Bialczak – February 2014

Liebster Blog award 2

Nominated by Mark Bialczak – March 2014

courtesy of Maloquacious
courtesy of Maloquacious

Thank you to my readers for your inspiration, encouragement and comments. I do appreciate your presence.

  1. Your getting quite a collection of awards going here! 🙂
    You deserve the heart, just because you are an awesome lady.
    He looks cute up there. Mine had been working for ages on my award page.

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