Tap Into the Kid Inside Us All

By Judy Berman

The rain subsides. People began to shed plastic raincoats or peek out from protective awnings before they continue their stroll thru the park.

One man runs his hand along the railing, brushing aside tiny pools of water. My daughter, Jenn, said: “That’s funny. I thought that’s something that only kids do.”

Sometimes, the daily grind wears us down. A mental – or physical – escape is a way to really appreciate the day and use it the best way you can. To recharge, just tap into that kid inside us all. Look at the world again thru new eyes.

So, what triggers your inner child to bust loose? Swinging high above the treetops? A light-as-air, sticky- sweet pink cotton candy that takes you back to a fun-filled day at the circus? For me, it’s sledding downhill on a tiny disk.

One crisp, cold winter day, my husband, Dave, and I grabbed our daughters’ plastic flying saucer sleds and headed for Onondaga Lake Park in Liverpool, N.Y.

While many adults shivered on the sidelines, we did a full-body slam on the sleds and squealed with delight each time we sped downhill. At the bottom, we’d playfully toss a few snowballs at each other.

We told the parents that our girls were off at college and the sleds were all we had left. They laughed. Soon, some joined us on our short ride down the hill. We swapped sleds and we’d race back to the top of the hill for more.

Exhausted, our faces tinged red by the cold and exertion, we decided to return home and said our good-byes.

A hot cup of cocoa sounded mighty good. Maybe even a fire crackling in our fireplace.

Then, we relaxed and admired the view of a fresh blanket of snow from the warmth of our kitchen.

In my time machine, that snowy day is just a memory away. When I reach for it, I can easily recall the kid inside me and the exhilaration I felt.

So, whether it’s having a nostalgic look at the old TV show, “Happy Days,” or skipping stones across the lake, get your kid on.

Come on in … the water’s fine. You’ll feel recharged after your brief escape and ready to tackle and conquer any challenges that might lurk in the shadows ahead.

Photo credits: photos of girl swinging and boy skipping stones taken by Danielle Wallace; man sledding from Morgue file.com


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  1. So that’s what the parents do when kids go off to college? I thought they sat miserable in the house and cried. Don’t ever grow up.

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