Say Cheese

By Judy Berman

All the girls in our family are ready for their close-up for a family photo in a studio. We primp, fuss, wash and brush our hair. Then we speed off in my Honda.

After we sign in, we wait impatiently for our turn. Two employees walk right by us, totally unaware of the whole waiting room.

One returns to the front desk, where the photographer is. Suddenly, she steps back and says in an “oh, my gosh” voice to the photographer: “Did you see the size of that dog?”

I look around the waiting room. Yep. Mine is the only one there. She has to be talking about our St. Bernard, Heidi. The photographer mutters “yes” as she appears to study her shoelaces.

Really, though, Heidi isn’t any problem. If you discount the fact that the photographer has to rearrange the furniture so we could fit the dog in the studio.

Also, being alert for more than 15 seconds at a time is a challenge for Heidi. Her favorite exercise is lying down, which she did quite a lot of, just as the photographer is trying to snap her picture. I suggest props for supporting her in a sitting position, but the photographer fails to see the humor in my remarks.

Leaving the room is more of a hassle than entering. Heidi doesn’t know how to back up and stubbornly resists any efforts to help her. Finally, we manage to turn her around.

I knew the pictures are going to be winners, and told the photographer we’ll be back soon. I had to leave because I can’t stand to see a grown woman cry.

Now, here comes the really hard part. I have to go home and explain to Tumbleweed, our cat, why she was left out of the picture.

A tribute to a wonderful, gentle dog we had many years ago.


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* Main Photo: “Dinner Party,” by Carl Reichert (1836-1918) – This is a faithful photographic reproduction of an original two-dimensional work of art.

* Photo: family photo of my girls, Danielle, Jenn and Heidi

  1. Okay, so why was Tumbleweed left out of the picture? She was part of the family, too. Can you imagine what the photographer would have done with both of them there?!

    1. You’re right, Danielle. What was I thinking leaving Tumbleweed home? No wonder she looked like she wanted to shred the couch when we returned.

      If she had come, however, there might not have been a studio left. 🙂

  2. I also think neither Danielle nor I would have been fit for any pictures trying to hold Tumbleweed. We should have just photoshopped her in. Great picture, I miss that sweet dog.

    1. I can see it all now. At the flash, Tumbleweed races for the photographer. The studio’s in chaos. You and Danielle will need a touch-up on your coiffures, and Heidi … Heidi will take it all in stride. I miss her, too, Jenn. 😆

    1. Heidi was a wonderful girl and we really miss her. Her photo with my girls really does make me chuckle at the memory of that day – which wasn’t nearly as horrendous as I described. 🙂

      Thank you Kate. I’m glad you enjoyed the post.

    1. I was surprised I didn’t have more photos of Heidi from that photo session. It is comforting – and does make me smile – when I look at it. Thank for visiting my blog, Val, and for commenting.

  3. Wow! what a beautiful tribute. I like this post a lot. It’s wonderful that, you have such beautiful memories in form of these pictures to share with us. Great post Judy.

    1. Thank you, Arindam. Heidi was a beautiful, gentle dog. One of my fondest memories was a photo of Heidi and Tumbleweed, when Tumbleweed was a kitten. Heidi’s look seemed to say, “Uh, is that going to be a permanent fixture here?” 🙂

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